Saturday, January 12, 2008


Silicon valley has outgrown its agricultural past. The state finally saw the reality of the situation when they decided to close the Bay Area Research and Extension Center - a small plot of land run as a research and educational farm. The question now is what to do with the land. The answer is obvious. The bay area is one of the most expensive places to buy a home in the country. Despite the overblown talk about a housing crisis in this country, it's clear to me that the best use of that land would be the use proposed by measures A and B - part affordable senior housing and part park.

Those opposed to this plan want to keep this land as some sort of "urban farm" experiment. In actual fact, their motives are clearly less pure. Look for the "NO on A & B" signs in Santa Clara - they're concentrated in the southeast corner of the city near the site. This is NIMBY, pure and simple.

So, if you live in the city of Santa Clara, I urge you to vote "Yes" on measures A and B. We have more need of affordable housing than we have of NIMBY agri-fanatics.


kirk said...

Nick is clearly uninformed and ignorant to the issues. If anyone wants to better understand the issues, go to Nick should really check the website first before he reveals his ignorance.

It is ignorance like his that is making this matter worse. Please do not be fooled by mailers, TV ads, and propaganda. If you have questions, contact the group that supports a NO vote:

Vote NO to get the Citizens of Santa Clara involved in the process and not big business controlling the politics of the situation.


Nick said...

Alright, troll, I'll bite.

You claim I'm ignorant of the issues, yet you offer no corrections of any sort. Just more hot air - exactly what we've gotten used to from the anti-AB crowd. A bunch of losers whose most effective tactic to date is parking an ugly panel truck all over town (an even bigger eyesore than BAREC is today), mostly in violation of Santa Clara municipal codes.

The sad part is that when A and B are approved by the majority of voters, it's likely that these sad NIMBYs will start trolling the courts with groundless lawsuits in a vain attempt to have their way despite the fact that their position is completely unreasonable.

Again, vote "Yes" on A and B. Tell the NIMBYs to get a life.

Nick said...

Oh, and since you took the opportunity to link-spam your little propaganda site (notice that there were no links to partisan sites in the original post), it's now only fair to present a link to the Yes on A & B site.