Monday, January 26, 2009

The DTV transition monkey wrench

The Senate has passed the 6/12 DTV delay bill.

Which means nothing.


Because the delay is optional. That is, the broadcasters can decide to switch on 2/17 if they want to.

You get two guesses how all the TV stations are going to decide, and the first guess doesn't count.

No, this is all about deflecting blame. With a little over two weeks to go in the transition, there are far too many plans in place. There's far too much momentum around the 2/17 date for it to change at such a late date. But if the transition goes poorly, then all of the politicians can tell everyone that it's not their fault - that they gave permission for the delay but that those naughty broadcasters screwed everybody.

Just pull the band-aid off, already.

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