Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And thus, it begins

Probably only those of us who are RF hobbyists noticed, but KCNS-TV channel 38 is now off the air, and KOFY-TV and KICU-TV are, for now, running "nightlight" service (no programming, just messages about the analog shut-down). Unfortunately, according to reports I've heard, the KICU translator in Monterey is retransmitting the nightlight message rather than KICU's digital programming. Oops. Hopefully, whoever runs the translator will buy a CECB for the thing. :)

So those three stations join KCSM (sort of. KCSM still does have an analog station on channel 60, it's just that its coverage area is the size of a postage stamp) in the all-digital age.

None of this helps me any. TV still has some suckage:

1. Even if all the analog stations were to shut down immediately, the rules are that they have to stay on their pre-transition channels, meaning that KRON and KTVU are stuck at 56 & 57 until June.

2. Because of the rule above and because KDTV-TV is still on the air, KTNC-DT is still off the air. They shut down channel 62 operations early to start the work to convert their transmitter to channel 14, and then the transition got put off.

3. KSBW-DT can't transition to channel 8. Not that that matters all that much, except that since they're on channel 10, they're getting shit on by KXTV. As is KCBA-DT by KOVR-TV.

Thanks, Obama.


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