Tuesday, August 24, 2010

VTA, CalTrain and Clipper

We're quickly running up against a situation here.

Caltrain has said that we should switch from paper monthly passes to Clipper monthly passes starting in October.

A 2+ zone CalTrain monthly pass gives you local fare credit on VTA busses and light rail. I use this every once in a while to take the #60 bus home from the Santa Clara CalTrain station.

VTA does not yet take Clipper. VTA has yet to issue any statement of any kind as to when they might. There are Clipper terminals installed on every VTA bus I have ridden on this year, so far as I can remember, but they're covered over by plastic "out of order" bags.

I'd be happy if VTA would just come out and say when they expect to remedy this situation.


Kevin said...

I hear ya, Nick... It looks like we can still buy paper monthly passes at the Caltrain ticket kiosks through January 2011, so this should give us a few extra months, but VTA's silence on the matter is deafening.

Nick said...

The ticket machines are not an option for those of us who buy our monthly passes through an employer sponsored tax free commuter benefit plan.

paulben said...

I have a no update, update. Called VTA. No date to implement Clipper. Was to be in 2010, now they say 2011. How incompetent. Fare system is so antiquated anyway. No roundtrip. No multiple ride. Don't these folks project manage and set dates?