Saturday, March 19, 2011

Conan's surround mix

We've got a season pass to Conan, and I can't help but complain about the surround mix. There's way too much in the surround channels. It sounds like more of the show is happening behind you than in front.

It's particularly bad during the opening theme music. Andy's introductions are almost completely inaudible.

Now, I'm really, really, sure our system is set up right. And no other shows sound bad like this. We don't really watch anything else on TBS, so I'm not sure whether it's just Conan or everything on TBS. But it is messed the hell up.

But, of course, Conan's website doesn't have any contact information, and neither does TBS's. I could, I suppose, tweet to Conan about it, if I had ever bothered to sign up for twitter. So instead, since I have nobody better to complain to, I'll just whine to all of you. :)

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