Saturday, June 23, 2007

Profitable at P*!

Tonight I cashed out $75.60 from PokerStars, having put $25 in. According to SharkScope, that puts me only $28 down lifetime at P*, and according to my poker log, I've actually got a net profit this year of over $150 at P*. I've got a sort of cycle going where I'll cash in for $25, then play a couple of $13 and $6 SNGs until I get over their magic $75 check minimum and then cash out. So far this year using this system I've only been felted once.

FTP, on the other hand, has been a big bust. I like their software better, but having to get up to $300 to cash out, and then having to wait a month for the check, and just having so much less success, I may just have to give up and switch to P*. I can't deny the difference in performance, that's for sure.

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