Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Little things in iPhone

Here's a to-do for Steve and his team:

1. A mechanism to add additional root certificates to the X509 key store for Safari. Lots of folks use them for intranet stuff.

2. LEAP authentication for wireless. It's what we do where I work. The mac can do it, so should the iPhone.

3. Flash. You're just not going to get your way on this one, Steve. Promise.

4. Voice dialing.

5. Internet IM.

6. custom ringtones from iTunes.

7. A2DP - also known as high quality stereo over bluetooth. Rumored to already be on the way.


Mark said...

Good stuff Nick, very fair minded.

Also, is the headphone jack really recessed enough that a standard hp can't be plugged in without an adapter??

Nick said...

Yes. That's a pretty big "oops," but it's certainly too late now. The best solution I see for it would be a little 2 inch pigtail plug-to-socket cord.

For me, it's not a big deal - I haven't used the headset with the thing at all yet. I use the built-in speaker for just about everything.

Nick said...

Turns out that a lot of folks are just trimming excess plastic off their headphone plugs either with an exacto knife or sandpaper and making them fit that way.