Monday, March 3, 2008

Hooray for Time Machine!

We were beset by thieves at the office this weekend. I had my company MacBook Pro on a Kensington lock, but the thieves rummaged through my drawers until he found the key. D'oh! They did, however, leave behind the Time Machine drive. Well, the IT staff replaced the laptop this morning, and with fingers and toes crossed, I booted up the Leopard install DVD and went into the Time Machine restore menu item. The entire process was completely painless. About two hours later, the machine rebooted just as if nothing had ever happened. I did lose the Windows XP virtual machine, but that was because I told time machine to ignore it. It's a 20 GB opaque file that changes every time I run Windows, and I figured that would take up all my time machine space. I don't regret the decision, though, because all I used Windows for at work was to run Outlook and TOAD, both of which simply need to be reinstalled on top of a fresh Windows installation.

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