Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Analog ATV success

I decided to mount the 1.2 GHz loop yagi pointed towards K6BEN/R today. Of course, that also meant getting a run of really good (LMR-400) coax to go up the tower for it. Soldering the N connectors on is sort of weird. I have to sort of take it on blind faith that I did it right, I guess, because it appears to be working correctly.

Right now, the run of coax is way too long, but I am going to cut a hole in the outside wall of the garage above the sliding door and epoxy in a big piece of PVC to use as a pass-through (Scarlet will just love how that looks!) to make the coax runs as short as possible. I bought a long enough piece of the LMR coax so that hopefully I can get two runs up the tower out of it and use the other piece for the 420 MHz receive side. That should hopefully improve my reception side a little bit as well.

But at least now getting into the ATV repeater is no longer extraordinary.

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