Saturday, October 4, 2008

Taking a hard, honest look at my play

SharkScope really is an invaluable tool for anyone serious about poker.

I played a dozen $14+1 and $28+$2 Super Turbo 9 handed SnGs on Full Tilt this afternoon. Lost Every. Damn. One. Sat down to a 9 handed $55+$5 SnG and won it.

Now, the good news is that the Super Turbo and regular Turbo tournaments have different stakes, so you can delve into SharkScope's database by filtering on a stake list to differentiate them. It's also nice that the Turbo and non-Turbo tournaments also have different stake levels.

So since my last boot camp, I have a -4% average ROI overall. That's actually much improved from where I was, say, a year ago (lifetime at full tilt before the last boot camp, average ROI -13%).

But the really shocking thing is that if you filter out 6 handed SnGs and super turbos, I actually have a positive 9% aROI.

6 or fewer handed, I have a -15% aROI and in the Super Turbos, I am -11%.

And then, it struck me. The reason I play 6 handed and Super Turbos is that I want it to be over faster. Call it a short attention span, or a desire for instant gratification or impatience, whatever, but I rather suspect that if you analyze every aspect of my life, that's the most glaring character flaw you'll be likely to find. And I can see it turning up in Poker too.


I don't need a Poker coach. Playing the plan that I was given at the last boot camp is working. SharkScope proves that. What I need to do is not try and get fancy in an attempt to get success more easily, because it should be obvious to me by now that it doesn't work.

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