Thursday, November 6, 2008


Well, it turns out the output of the Mt. Diablo ATV repeater is on 919.25 MHz, so a change of frequency is in order. We'll be using 909-915 MHz. This lines up with channel 1 on the TVC-9S downconverter. It's conceivable that there would not be any interference between the Mt. Diablo repeater and ours, but there isn't anything else around here listed on the NARCC website on 910.25 MHz (which is 909-915 MHz), so there's no reason not to change. In fact, the only thing listed on that frequency is a repeater input in Springville, Northeast of Bakersfield.

So a little edit. Subtract 9 MHz from all of the 33 cm frequencies I've mentioned so far. :)

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