Friday, November 7, 2008

Receiver compatibility list

One thing that will have to be done will be to keep a list of consumer grade ATSC receivers with notes on how well they work (or don't) with the output of the Minimod. I'll try to keep an up-to-date listing here.

Some receivers that can't process MPEG audio themselves sometimes pass the audio out to an S/PDIF port, which gives you a 2nd chance to decode it. This assumes, of course, that your tuner has one of those. Coupon Eligible boxes won't.

In general, tuners intended to work with computers will likely work perfectly, as they simply extract the transport stream from the 8VSB channel and expect the computer to decode it in software. Videolan should have no trouble, so long as it supports your device. Software that comes with the tuners should generally work as well. One big exception is EyeTV. When I've manually tuned the HDHomerun to the transmitter output, EyeTV has simply said that nothing was there. It's possible that EyeTV is insisting on finding the PSIP tables, but I haven't really dug into the problem to figure out what's wrong. I've simply used hdhomerun_config (downloadable from Silicon Dust) to capture the stream and MPEG Streamclip to convert it.

Unless it's otherwise mentioned, all of the tuners listed will need a downconverter for any ham band.

Silicon Dust HD Homerun: works perfectly, and can tune 70cm frequencies without a downconverter.

Samsung SIR-T451: Video good, no audio. I haven't tried the S/PDIF port.

Insignia NS-7HTV LCD TV: Video and audio both work.

Samsung LN-T4069F LCD TV: Video and audio both work.

Insignia NS-DXA1: Video good, no audio.

Obviously, I can't really ask people for reports with their own receivers yet, since I can only put out a couple of mW of power. But once I can get a significant amount of power out, I'd like to hear from owners of as many different receivers as possible to expand on this list.

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