Friday, December 19, 2008

Google hosed me

I took my car in for service last night, with the plan being to take CalTrain from work, as usual, but get off at the station close to the dealership and walk to go pick it up.

I settled on this plan because when I asked the iPhone's Google Maps app to give me directions from "Sunnyvale Caltrain" to Sunnyvale VW, it said that the route was about a mile.

Well, it appears that it decided that "Sunnyvale Caltrain" meant any CalTrain station in Sunnyvale... of which there are two. It's about 1 mile from the Lawrence station to Sunnyvale VW, but it's about 3 miles from the Sunnyvale CalTrain station. If it had said that it was a 3 mile walk and showed me a mostly southerly route, I probably would have known to try Lawrence instead.

So, thanks, Google. You clearly knew best when you thought I didn't mean the Sunnyvale CalTrain station when that's exactly what I typed in.

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