Saturday, December 6, 2008

Joel McHale at the Flint Center

Joel McHale has a message for all his fans:

Actually, no, Joel was very nice. As he was finishing his act, he told the entire assembled multitude (a sell-out crowd at the Flint Center) that he'd sign stuff for everyone afterwards, which I believe came as a shock to the house staff, since there were no preparations whatsoever for the resulting huge mob that gathered in the lobby around the merch booth. I waited an hour and a half to walk 5 feet.

If you go to the mall to visit Santa, the line is very orderly, but you don't get to have lots of chicks mashing their tits into your elbow.

Naturally, the ATM machine was broke, so I asked Joel if he'd let me slide on the T-shirt price by $5 (they were $25, but I only had $20). He signed my ticket, and let me take the picture you see above. When we got out, I told Scarlet the story and she said she had $5, but only had $4. We gave his bodyguard the $4 and had him pass it up to Joel and we left before he counted it. I'm sure that he made a snarky comment about it.

I'm actually going to put a dollar in the mail and send it to him (at E!). Just so he knows I'm not really cheap.

If you're a fan of The Soup (and don't you dare call it Talk Soup), you really should try and catch him if he comes near your town. It's great.

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