Saturday, May 30, 2009

Maker Faire 2009

As promised, I set up an ATSC demo station at Maker Faire. I've got a small table with the K6BEN ATV folks. I've got a camera, the German DATV transmitter gear set for 910-916 MHz, the KP-20 antenna for transmitting, a TVC-9S downconverter and my 7" portable digital TV.

I've had lots of folks come up and marvel at how there's a short delay between what they do mugging for the camera and when it actually shows up on the screen. Everybody I've talked to has understood the explanation of how the system works, and a lot of visiting hams have listened to my rationale for why I'm doing this, and everybody - ham or not - has voiced their support for my efforts.

It was a very long day - and I didn't even stay until the bitter end. I'll be back tomorrow morning, though, and this time I will stay until the bitter end at 6 PM. We're in Redwood Hall, near the South door. The League has a booth near the North end of the building across the road from us. Thanks to the League, and in particular our Section Manager, Bill Dale, N2RHV, for providing all of the Ham Makers with neat matching shirts for the occasion.

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