Friday, June 12, 2009

DTV Transition round-up

Here's the log of what I've observed with a combination of a cron job watching reception on the HD HomeRun periodically and tuning in with both analog and digital.

00:00 (midnight) - KRON's channel 57 transmitter goes off the air, ending their pre-transition operation.

03:00 - KRON's channel 38 transmitter takes flight. Received signal strength is a healthy improvement from their channel 57 operation. This likely is simply a difference in multipath having to do with my attempt to optimize the antenna for KRCB. KRON was able to make this move due to the earlier shutdown of KCNS-TV, which left channel 38 vacant for them.

05:45 - I woke up a bit early this morning to check on the new KRON. As expected, it comes in very well on all of the receivers in the house. That bodes well for the future of KTVU as well, since they'll be moving off channel 56 down to 44 this evening after KBCW-TV shuts down.

12:30 - KSBW-TV ends analog operations right after their noon newscast. They came back up on channel 8 5 minutes later, but unfortunately, the months and months of waiting for them to get out from under the interference from KXTV has not helped our reception. It still comes in and out, despite a signal strength in the mid 70s. Ironically, now that there's only 6 hours left, KXTV-TV is coming in almost as well as KSBW-TV used to.

18:25 - KOVR-TV ends analog operations. Unfortunately, as was the case with KSBW, the KCBA signal doesn't look like it's improved much.

That's it so far. The rest will happen in the wee hours of tomorrow morning.

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