Sunday, September 27, 2009

Football blackout rules?

I guess I don't understand the NFL's blackout rules. CBS has the doubleheader this week, and we will get 3 games here in the bay area - meaning CBS will put on a competing game against the 9ers @ Vikings.

Well, I thought that KPIX wasn't allowed to compete with the home team's away games. Is that not the case?

Meanwhile, I can't wait for Fox to get the doubleheader. Perhaps then I'll get to test out the KCBA extra game theory.

Update: Well, the schedule on the TV was wrong. We didn't get the 2nd game. Instead, we got an infomercial. :(

Next week will be the first big test. Fox has the doubleheader and the morning game on KPIX will be Radiers & Texans. If I am right, that means that there will be no competing game on KTVU, but there will be one on KCBA.

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