Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I hate it when this happens

I hate it when you have something fairly simple to do, that can be done a hundred different ways, but every goddamn one fails for some simple reason. Case in point: I have set up my laptop to act as an alarm clock. It opens up the XM Radio online streaming from a cron job.

I have an html file that does the right thing. It has some javascript that performs the "login" step, and then opens the player gizmo inside of an iframe. It works perfectly.

Well, it did. Snow Leopard seems to have broken XM streaming in Safari.

Ok. How about Firefox? XM streaming works fine there, and if I open up a firefox window and type in the file: URL, it works.

But the problem is that Firefox isn't scriptable! There appears to be no way at all, from a shell script, to open up a firefox window onto a URL of your choosing.

What about Camino? It's scriptable, and uses Gecko.... But alas, XM streaming doesn't work there, either - but for a different reason than Safari (looks to me like a cookie issue, but I can't be sure).

So I'm fucked. And by my count, it took the failure of 5 different vendors to get us here. Outstanding.

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