Thursday, December 31, 2009

3G Microcell - fun while it lasted

As you're aware, if you've been following along, when we went to the AT&T store in San Diego, we told them we were from out of town and the sales unit typed our home address here in Santa Clara into the computer and assured me that when I got the unit back home I could put in that address and it would be fine.

And, for a week, it was.

Apparently, that was a bug. A bug that AT&T fixed sometime before last night. As of now, I am no longer allowed to register our address here in Santa Clara with the microcell. And without it being located at the address to which it is registered, the GPS check fails and it emulates a doorstop.

I called up AT&T this morning and their plan of record is now to have me ship the unit back to San Diego for a refund.


There is a 30 day refund policy. If the unit is going to be made available in less than 3 weeks, I'd rather just keep it. But naturally, they refuse to "discuss future availability." I could understand not issuing advanced press releases, but these are extenuating circumstances. I cannot possibly believe that there is nobody up the food chain that has a clue as to even approximately when they'll roll these out.

Besides, they've been "testing" the microcells for, what, 9 months now? They work. Really well. Just flip the goddamn switch, AT&T!


Dave D. said...

Of course there is someone at AT&T who knows when/if they will be rolling this product out. However why the hell should they be obligated to tell you? Who died and made you such an important person?

Nick said...

I'm not saying that I should be let in on a secret. I'm saying they need to be more forthcoming about their plans. Particularly because their last public statements indicated a planned roll-out by the end of the year and the fact that they're getting positively reamed in the press over the current state of their network.

But as for my situation, I am, so far as I know, the only person on the planet who bought a microcell after being assured by an AT&T employee that it would work, and had it work, and then had it taken away from them. Under those circumstances, yes, I do think they could be more forthcoming than with just anybody.

phil swenson said...

I am convinced something is up at AT&T. Maybe they found out their system doesn't scale? Why else wouldn't they roll it out?

Slam said...

Nick the roll nation wide is in April but some sites like howardforum are saying you can now activate the microcell anywhere in the US. Do you still have it and if so give it a try and post the results up for everyone. You have been a great source for those of us in the bay area.

Nick said...

Alas, I don't have it anymore. I was able to return it by mailing it back to the store in San Diego and getting a credit from them for the mailing costs (after I explained to them that the bad advice I got from the salespeople in the store was the reason I was in that predicament).

DudleyDogg said...

Funny how so many people Support AT&T.
I got my Micro Cell for FREE when I called AT&T and complained