Sunday, December 20, 2009

Really, NFL?

We're close to the playoffs. And of all of the games this weekend, there is one that is the most important.

The Chargers are hosting the Bengals at home. The Chargers are one game ahead of the Bengals in the drive for the 2nd AFC playoff seed - which means a first round bye.

In the latter part of the season, the NFL and the networks have the opportunity to "flex" the schedule - to make a more important game the Sunday night game, relegating what was scheduled in the pre-season back to Sunday afternoon (or morning).

So it didn't occur to anybody that this crucial game is worthy of being played on Sunday night? They think Vikings - Panthers is more important somehow? Really?! The Vikings are almost assured of either the #1 or #2 seed in the NFC and the Panthers are all but mathematically eliminated. Who gives a shit?

The only other game even close to how important that game is is the Eagles and 49ers. The 49ers need a win to even have a chance at a wildcard spot, while the Eagles are almost assured of the number 3 seed in the NFC. Of course, since the 49ers are the home team here, it'll be on Fox for sure.

The wrinkle is that the weather has screwed up the game schedules on the East coast. So potentially, the CBS morning game might have been the Chargers', but now that game will be played at the same time as the Raiders @ Broncos. Another "who cares?" game. But it's moot - Fox got the doubleheader today anyhow. Their rejiggered schedule today will give us the 49ers game in the afternoon, and of all of the remaining morning games to show us, they picked... Cardinals / Lions?! Does anybody honestly think the Lions have a shot at their third win this week?

Perhaps the single most important football game of the entire season. None for you!

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