Sunday, April 11, 2010

3G Microcell launches in bay area proper

And, sure enough, if you put a Bay Area zip code in, the list of AT&T stores carrying the microcell is now at least twice as long as it was before, and includes stores in Fremont, Santa Clara, San Francisco... basically all over the bay area.

It's now somewhat annoying that if you put in 95050, you get listings in Hanford, Sacramento and the like when there are a half a dozen stores within a 20 mile radius. Never mind that, as has always been the case, it's incredible that one of the primary audiences for the Microcell are iPhone owners... and the whole page is one gigantic Flash app, which is useless on the phone.


Jay said...

Can Microcell be used with Laptop Connect in rural areas to get good service?

Nick said...

In principle, yes, but it requires a broadband Internet connection. If you have one of those handy, you'd presumably use it over WiFi instead of using a 3G data card.