Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Microcell is back

4 months later, and the 3G Microcell is back.

Nothing really changed between then and now, except that now the activation web site flow doesn't reject our home address.

As I noted yesterday, punching in a Bay Area zip code gives you a list of AT&T stores in the Central Valley from Sacramento to Fresno. The rep in the store in Tracy said that they'd be available in the Bay Area for real on Sunday.

One thing I've discovered is that my "There, I fixed it" PoE cabling doesn't work. The device never starts working properly. I want to get it working with remote power supplied from the UPS in the garage, if possible, so that we won't lose our coverage during power outages. Now it looks like a real PoE solution will be required. The good news is that I got a really good deal on a used D-Link DWL P200 on eBay this morning. More on that once it arrives.

In the meantime, we're trying the great experiment once again - seeing if the combination of unlimited cell phone calls while at home, plus the Cell2Tel and our cordless phones >= Vonage. Fingers crossed.

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