Saturday, May 15, 2010

GPS stupidity

I had to go pick up my nephew at the MacArthur BART station today. I was in Oakland, but I didn't know exactly how to get there. So I asked the TomTom iPhone app to get me there. Now, the MacArthur BART station is located in the middle of highway 24, between the Northbound and Southbound lanes just north of I-580. That freeway is elevated, so access to the station is from ground level, underneath the freeway. Well, TomTom routed me directly past it on highway 24 and then announced "you have arrived at your destination!"

Note to the TomTom folks: "arriving" someplace doesn't count when you shoot past it at 70 mi/hr.

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Crow said...

I happened to drop in on your blog by googling "iphone sim swap". I cannot help commenting on this entry.

It also happened to me. I was using my Garmin GPS and driving to Rotterdam North station in Netherlands. I was driving on an elavated section of the motorway when the device proudly announced that I had reached the destination. Yea, I was driving over the station but there was no stopping there.