Sunday, May 2, 2010

MiFi status dashboard widget

I've created my first Dashboard Widget. It's a MiFi signal strength / battery state widget. Whenever the mac is connected to the MiFi, this widget will display the signal strength and battery state. It's marginally easier than opening up a web browser.

I'm not a graphics wizard. All of the graphics in here I stole off the net using Google. Mea culpa.

You can download the widget here. Just unzip it and double click to install.



no said...

doesnt work for me.

Nick said...

Could you possibly be any less specific?

Matt said...

Is this supposed to work when the MiFi is plugged in or when the Mac is connected to the MiFi via Wireless? If the latter, where in your code did you specify the IP address?

Nick said...

You don't need to specify the IP address. The widget talks HTTP with the magic hostname "www.mifi", which is intercepted by the mifi. It won't work if the MiFi is not your DNS server.

Jacob Vanus said...

I got this to work for my MiFi2200 by changing www.mifi to virginmobile.mifi in the source code.