Thursday, September 2, 2010

The new Apple TV

Oh, Steve, you could have really revolutionized the living room if you'd just have tried a little bit harder.

Where is the iTunes app store for the Apple TV?

Yes, fine, you added Netflix streaming. But what about Pandora? What about XM/Sirius? What about Hulu? What about all of the other streaming media sources on the Internet that want to get onto the TV?

Maybe that's what AirPlay will wind up being. If AirPlay is an API feature that will be available universally to all app store developers, then the AppleTV will wind up being nothing more than a remote display for iOS. That would be ok, I suppose, but if AirPlay is limited to the iPod app, then, again, it's the same opportunity lost.

I see from the AirPlay page that they're going to make AirPlay available to third parties. Please, TiVo, please add AirPlay receiving. Please.

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