Sunday, September 19, 2010

NFL Red Zone

We've just recently switched to Comcast from DirecTV. Having done so, I've gotten my first taste of the NFL Red Zone channel. I'm not sure if it's an introductory thing (and will be turned off at some point), or if it's something that comes with the package I've signed up for. All I know is that on DirecTV, you had to pay for the NFL Sunday Ticket package ($300 a year) to get it.

It's the ultimate in short-attention-span football coverage. They put up whatever game happens to have a team in the best scoring position at that moment. No commercials, no bullshit.

It's a wonderful alternative to being stuck watching nothing but the Raiders or 49ers most Sundays around here.

Update It turns out it was a free preview for this weekend. Bummer.

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sarah said...

That's funny that you have switch from Comcast to DIRECTV because I switch from Time Warner to DISH Network. I started working for DISH and was actually planning on keeping Time Warner but I heard about the Redzone. Being a big football fan I thought about it and after seeing what the Redzone was all about I switched. My family and I enjoy the Redzone but they say it's made for some people and not made for some people. The Redzone was made for me. I enjoy watching all the touchdowns. After all that's what the game is all about right?