Friday, July 31, 2009

900 MHz ATSC test, Cañada College, August 8, 1 PM

Well, since the entire goal of all of this experimenting is to set up an ATSC repeater output at 910-916 MHz, it's time to leave 70 cm behind and concentrate on the 900 MHz band. To that end, I'll be schlepping the gear up to the Cañada College location the Saturday after next. I'll be on the air for as long as I can starting at 1 PM on Saturday, August 8.

In order to receive this transmission, you'll need a 900 MHz antenna, a downconverter, and an ATSC receiver. You can get a suitable one from PC Electronics. Order the TVC-9S (use channel 2). Or you can build your own, if you're handy with that sort of thing. For an antenna, you're going to need to build a beam. In my experience with ATSC, having a directional antenna that you can use to reduce the impact of multipath is critical. It's going to be even more so at 900 MHz with all of the part 15 QRM.

The transmitter will be at 37.448773° North, 122.263856° West, and I'll be transmitting with about 150 watts of ERP. Look for me!

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