Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Poker of late

So I haven't been playing a lot lately. Here's a good explanation for why not:

Out of the last 20 games I've played, I cashed 6 times, came in fourth 7 times, got 7th or 8th 5 times, one 9th and one 6th.

If just 3 of those 4ths were 3rds, I'd be profitable.

The 18 games before that, I cashed about half the time, got two fourths, 4 7ths, a 6th and 2 9ths - which is the way it normally is when I'm not getting skewered repeatedly. It's the pattern I would expect to see most of the time. The 4 7ths is a bit lumpier than I'd expect, but it is a very small sample size, after all.

To add to that, the last midnight tournament I lost in the first hour on the back of getting pocket kings vs. pocket aces, and the time before that I came in 7th when I needed to come in 5th to cash.

I hate this fucking game.

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