Saturday, July 11, 2009

Military smoking ban

So I was walking by a newspaper and saw a headline suggesting that the military is considering a smoking ban.


"Alright, soldier! Here's your M-16, hand grenades and a parachute. You're going to Iraq to defuse IEDs. But we'd better not catch you smoking! That shit's dangerous!"


Anonymous said...

This is the biggest bunch of bullshit that I'vre ever heard.Political hacks are braying around the cable channels saying to support the troops yet we shit on them every chance we get. It's OK for someone to lose a limb, but God forbid that soldier deals with the PTSD and loss of said limb by lighting up a smoke. Then let them try to get benefits at the VA. It will take on average 6 months to get into the system, because they have to verify that this person was indeed in the military and indeed injured. But let a soldier go AWOL for a weekend. They'll find them and immediately identify them as a soldier in the forces and bring them up on charges. These vets have given their lives, limbs, families, and sanity to their country by being involved in combat. Now they can't go outside for a smoke because it's bad for them? The military, at a time of war, is bad for EVERBODY and destroys lives in the immediate as well as ruins lives in the future. I was an RN at a VA hospital for three years and I saw how horrible the ravishes of war are. We're lucky they don't go on murder sprees all the time, they way they turned out....All the anger and resentment and regret and the behavioral problems that accompany these permanent maladies of the mind and heart.
Yeah, let's take away their smokes. That'll show 'em how we support the troops!

Anonymous said...

You said it all bud. These men fight for their country and these assholes are trying to take one of their rights away. SCREW THEM!!!!