Thursday, October 15, 2009

Final repeater pieces ordered

All the pieces are coming together.

The repeater will consist of

From SR Systems:

1 DVB-S 23cm receiver board
1 ATSC 33cm minimod

From Downeast Microwave:

1 3370PAHS amplifier

From Ham Radio Outlet:

1 Diamond X6000A 2M/70cm/23cm vertical antenna
1 Comet KP-20 33cm vertical antenna

I'm going to also set up an uplink station for myself. I want to use it at least at first to retransmit the output from the K6BEN repeater. It will consist of

From SR Systems:

1 MPEG encoder board
1 DVB-S 23cm minimod

From Downeast Microwave:

1 2330PATV amplifier

From PC Electronics:

1 TVC-4S 70cm downconverter
1 RCV3 channel 3 NTSC demodulator

The concept here is that we receive standard 70 cm AM TV on the TVC-4S channel 1 down to baseband video and audio. Send that into the MPEG encoder and transmit it as DVB-S on 23cm up to the repeater. The repeater will then retransmit the transport stream over ATSC on 33cm.

I'll receive that with my receive station:

From PC Electronics:

1 TVC-9S 33cm downconverter
1 HDHomeRun ATSC tuner

I'm not sure I can configure the DVB-S modulator to key on and off based on whether or not there's good video going into the MPEG encoder. If it is, then I could make the whole thing automatic. But if my experience with the ATSC modulator is any guide, it won't do that, so I'll have to turn the thing on and off myself. But Stefan assures me that the repeater (the DVB-S NIM and minimod combination) can key on and off automatically based on the receive signal.

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