Saturday, October 17, 2009

K6BEN retransmitted digitally

Today I retransmitted the output of the K6BEN repeater digitally over ATSC.

As soon as N6QQQ/R goes live, I'll start doing this on Wednesday evenings just to sort of bootstrap the use of the new repeater - that way folks will have more to look at on it than just my garage.

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Spencer Fowler said...

The work you have done in the past year or so with all this ATSC stuff astounds me.

I'm really glad to see that we (N4YCI and I) are not the only ones working on this project. We started getting interested in this towards the end of last year, and managed to get our hands on some Sencore PCI ATSC modulators. The only problem with these is that they are made to play back MPEG2 19.39 mb/s files only. (Took us a while to figure out how to make these files)

With a little bit of experimentation we found that there was a Frequency Generator on the card that was going into a mixer alongside baseband ATSC signals to output 470 mhz and up. When we inserted a 427 Mhz signal, we got a clean 8VSB signal on the correct frequency.

We did some testing, however, and couldn't find any devices that would tune the channel (58) without a downconverter =(

You seem to just keep coming up with more and more of this stuff faster than we can get our repeater (ATN-ATL 427.25 Mhz) up and running on ATSC at all.

Good luck with your projects and we hope to see some more good stuff from you in the future.

-Spencer N4NQV