Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Any damn time now, AT&T

Ok, AT&T, it's been more than a month since field trials have started for the AT&T microcell 3G. How long does it really take? You're running out of 2009. Now, while Verizon is hammering AT&T directly about poor 3G coverage, would be an excellent time to roll out a solution to the problem (even if it's a stopgap one).

By the way, this is how stupid AT&T is: the prime market for the microcell is likely iPhone owners. The Microcell web site? A giant flash page. Which doesn't work on the iPhone. Brilliant!


Anonymous said...

Bravo! Nick

Mark said...

Hey Nick,

One question:
The Verizon Femtocell doesn't do data, at all. Not even text messages. I understand hesitating, so as to not swamp broadband, but it should be my choice to enable it.

Wondering about the AT&T one?

In a fig leaf of defense for them, having companies not ship something yet because they don't think it's ready is a good thing on some level. I mean, they must feel the pressure to ship it, so if they aren't, maybe it's still not ready? I dunno


Nick said...

The AT&T microcell, according to reports, does voice, text and data. Which makes sense, since they call it the 3G microcell. If it doesn't do data, then there's no point including "3G" in the name.