Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stupid Android ad

Let's look at the new Android ad one line item at a time:

iDon't have a real keyboard.

Um... That's the whole point - it doesn't waste the real estate for a keyboard when most of the time you don't need it. Those few occasions where it's necessary to type in text, you can have a portrait or landscape one - your choice.

iDon't run simultaneous apps.

I'll admit - it would be nice to be able to stream XM in the background, but that's the only thing I can actually think of that I'd want to multi-task on my phone. The notifications take care of everything else that I might want to have in terms of background processing, without completely trashing my battery.

iDon't take 5-megapixel pictures.

iDo take 3 megapixel pictures, which is more than adequate for most folks. Besides, if you're taking video, then that's irrelevant.

iDon't customize.

What does that even mean? You can choose from a huge variety of 3rd party cases, accessories... you can rearrange the home screen.... not to mention adding the widest variety of 3rd party software you can get on any mobile device...

iDon't run widgets.

You'd rather run "widgets" (what the hell are those, anyway), than real Objective C applications?!

iDon't allow open development.

That's disingenuous.

1. The developer tools for the iPhone are free.

2. Developers can upload their own apps to their own phone. This means that there can indeed be open source iPhone apps that people could download and install themselves, if they wanted.

3. Anyone is free to give away damn near any app they want.

iDon't take pictures in the dark.

And since I'm not hunting ghosts, that doesn't really bother me any.

iDon't have interchangeable batteries

Which means it's smaller and lighter for the same abilities, since the case doesn't have to support latches and friction-fit battery terminals. Besides, in all the time I've owned cellular phones, I've never replaced the batteries in a phone. Usually, I've replaced the phone first.

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