Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bad cash day

Last Tuesday I played $3/$6 at Garden City for about an hour. I played a grand total of 6 hands and lost a hundred bucks. I got pocket pairs 4 out of those 6 times and every time they got totally crushed.

So what happened?

I folded most hands. Those hands I played, I raised pre-flop (we're not counting crap hands in the big blind check-folded as "playing". Always gague your or your opponent's play by VP$IP - voluntarily put $ in pot. BB check doesn't count). When I did so, I invariably got at least 3 callers - one hand, I got 6! They'd turn up hands like J4s having caught their flush and be all proud of themselves.

So what have I learned?

If the table is treating the game like a slot machine, change tables. One opponent can, perhaps, avoid outdrawing you. But big multi-way pots are too risky, and if that's all the table is offering, it's time to move on.

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