Friday, May 18, 2007


Yet another blog.


Once upon a time, I ran a blog site called "OSXHax." That blog got its 15 minutes when it became the epicenter of the activity behind trying to get 3rd party 802.11g cards to work with Apple's Airport Extreme driver. Apple tried locking us out, which only led to the development of a perl script to hack the driver every time they released a new one. Finally, Apple gave up and the driver to this day actually works with 3rd party cards, much to the delight of owners of older powerbooks.

OSXHax was going to evolve a bit beyond that, with content about how to decrypt FairPlay encoded iTunes songs, but it sort of petered out. Part of the problem was that I was still using old Movable Type software which was fairly vulnerable to comment spam. I was going to upgrade to Wordpress, but it doesn't support PostgreSQL, and I just never got around to installing anything else.

But with Blogger, I can host the blog at the URL of my choice, but leave the composing to them. That works for me.

As for OSXHax, my universe has grown a bit, and I occasionally want to blog about other topics. 99% of what I post will probably be entirely useless to you, but at least some small percentage of it will be useful to someone, so it's worth the bother. Use the labels to filter on the bits that matter to you.

What topics?

You'll find more mac stuff on occasion, some web stuff, and some poker stuff. And probably even more.

Who am I?

I'm Nick Sayer. I've had home Internet connectivity since 1992. is my domain. It used to stand for "Kentucky Fried Unix," which used to be an ISP I ran back in the day to fund said connectivity. It doesn't really stand for anything anymore, but as a 3 letter .com domain, it's very nice to have. Just to get it out of the way, It is not for sale at any price and will not be in my lifetime.

I used to be a FreeBSD committer. When MacOS X came out, I sort of switched over to being a mac person. It's Unix, but with the ability to run a platform that people actually write code for in great abundance. That works for me. I still have a FreeBSD machine acting as a server. It's serving this page as we speak, in fact.

I am married to my wife Scarlet, and we have two cats. One of them is named Gizmo and his antics have had their own 15 minutes on YouTube.

A couple years ago, I was introduced by my friend Dave to poker. I've taken to it and play pretty regularly on FullTiltPoker (because they have a mac client) and in person at Bay 101 and Garden City.

Well, that's enough to start with.

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Nice to see you blogging Nick.