Friday, May 18, 2007

Picture of me at the Commerce Casino

My lovely wife Scarlet gave me the most awesome Christmas / Birthday present this year - a buy-in to the WPT boot camp at the Commerce Casino in January.

The idea was that I was an ok player, but was not having fantastic success. The nagging wonder I have is whether I'm deluding myself and I'm just one of the fish, or if I just need to tune a little bit and then I'll be a successful player (I don't want to be a professional player, just a better than break-even amateur). So the boot camp was going to be my decision maker.

I came away with a few hints and tips, but mostly I came away with reassurance that I was not a worse player than I thought I was.

Anyway, during the multi-table tournament on Saturday (I came in 12th out of about 60), they took a picture of me:

I'm not so sure I'm going to keep wearing the hoodie. My wife said that it looked like I was wearing a klansman's dunce cap.

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Anonymous said...

I understand wanting to know how good you really are. In my opinion your pretty good even if it is not as a poker player. But your damn good at that too!