Saturday, May 19, 2007

Powermac for sale

I got the powermac back from the apple store earlier this week. Turns out the cost to fix it is just about exactly what Apple Care would have cost (which would have made the repair free), so from that perspective it was a wash. I put the original 80 GB drive back in the machine, wiped it and reinstalled Tiger and Virtual PC (which I'm selling along with the powermac. It wouldn't be worth running on my Powerbook, and it's next anyway). It's on eBay if anybody is interested.

It's amazing what happens to computers. 3 years ago, that machine was top of the line, built like a tank - the very epitome of computing horsepower. Now, the mini that replaced it is scarsley larger than 5 mousepads stacked atop each other and is actually faster. Go figure.

You can see Gizmo in the eBay picture behind the machine. And no, he's not included.

Addendum: It sold for $810. Woo hoo!

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Anonymous said...

Grins, only his white side is showing. And then just barely. You would have to know him to see him. I do!