Saturday, May 26, 2007

House stuff

So last week we got contractors to come and blow cellulose insullation into the walls and attic of the house. The attic was easy, but to do the walls they had to drill holes in the outside wall, blow the insullation in, then patch the holes up with either stuco patch (for stuco walls) or bungs and putty (for wood), and that we were on the hook for painting them afterwards. Our house looked like there had been a drive-by shooting. Well, I promised Scarlet that I would paint this weekend, and I kept my promise. We had used Kelley Moore flat latex to paint the house before, and since we were painting a whole new color we were able to just go with the sample we liked best and use the name for ordering (our house is "Del Covino").

So I ambled over to the KM store in Mountain View, picked up a quart of the stuff and a narrow roller on a long handle and came home and got to work. It took about an hour, but the amazing thing is that the old and new paint blended perfectly. You can't see that anything happened unless you really know exactly where to look. This is particularly impressive given that the wood part of our house faces west into full sun, and we last painted when we bought the house almost 5 years ago.

So big ups to Kelley Moore.

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Scarlet's Yarn Barn said...

You did keep your promise honey and the house looks wonderful!!